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coast to coast. >> weather fine here i don't know what's going on over there so we are here nice and early and hope to get out. >> headed to the airport take the travel tip with you. check the airline web site to see if they allow flight changes for free. seen up for the app for the latest on any delay. by thursday the storm will be gon gone. but strong winds hyped it could spoil an 87 year tradition. those giant balloo balloons macy thanksgiving day parade could be grounded. tonight 15 states have winter weather advisory here in the nation capitol we won't see any snow but it is beginning to feel like christmas. white house tremendous areeves on friday. >> now if flying delta u.s. airways united and jet blue will waive any change fee for people who pet stuck for the flight get cancelled. it's it's likely that more air lens will do the same as this storm hits. >> in december san francisco international airport will bring in train dog like toby to help passengers who are feeling a little stressed. the dog will be deployed at all term national thanks to the spca and animal
-tim full-time. >> we identified as agender which is not i don't have a gender. >>reporter: despite what happened on the bus that day, fleishman will return to riding bus was friend. will continue to wear skirts. >> i'm going to keep wearing the skirts. that's that i'm not going to give up. it's a big part of who i am. >>reporter: this is abc 7 news in oakland. >> there was a wild crime spree this morning in east san jose. police shot and killed a sta stabbing suspect after they say he tried to ram an officer with stolen car. crime spree started at home on loose avenue where he stabbed several people and car jacked a van. van then got on the freeway going in the wrong direction. it was chased into a cul-de-sac off may berry road then the driver tried to run them down. that's when officers shot him. >> there were gunshot you could tell. they were gunshot. >> any return fire by the police. >> we don't know. we don't know. just like 5, 6 time in a row. that's it. >>reporter: police department spokesperson says an officer shot the suspect at least once killing him. he's not bee
identified six victims but four remain. >> where are the bodies? >> what bodies? i don't know anything bit. >> in his words, girl near heelsburg. girl on mount tam. girl from miami. girl from berkeley. >> who are those women? >> you tell me. >> i don't know. you know. >> you're still playing games. >> nochlt ask the prosecution. i judge. i don't know. >> nayso says he's saving the true meaning for aprily. he won't explain why he didn't use the information if it would have helped the case. >> that is my family picture. >> i pressed him on this bizarre photo that he took of mannequins. he applied make up and dressed in lingerie. >> you've got ten. does that correspond to your list of ten? >> no. no. it doesn't. >> sit for the women you killed? >> no. no. >> he kept pictures and momentos in a safe deposit box 1 woman, apparently dead at the friem her waist down. her husband identified her by under wear she wore. >> he's wrong. >> who's photograph was sna >> a lady from the waist down you kept in your safe deposit box. have you no idea who it was? >> no. >> did you take it? >> i don't remembe
agreement. they say a deal is a deal. >> i don't see how it is an honest mistake. you signed it. we signed it. >> bart riders are frustrated. >> i don't want another strike. >> tom hawk is out and a new chief negotiator will be named soon. lillian kim, abc news. >> that is what is going wrong and let's talk about what is going right. batkid captured our hearts and the city. the city was transformed to gothem city 20* help -- to help miles scott's dream come true. he was presented the key to the city. sergio, what a day. >> what a day indeed. tonight san francisco city hall is lit up in batkid's colors and while it was a wish come true for the 5-year-old it was a spectacular day for thousands of people to watch. as batkid emerged from batman's smoky base of operations in a lamborghini bat mobile it was the beginning of a day long adventure. one much of the city cheered on and is still cheering. >> in san francisco we don't have a lot of kids. i think there are a lot of us that are like, yes, we can do something fun for our kids. >> bat ky d helped batman disarm a mysterious device and free
. >> this duffel back is packed with medicine. they are from there and will land in manila tomorrow. they don't know how they will get to their hometown about 350 miles away where their family home has crumbled. their business is still standing, but barely. >> it is really torn apart. it is unsafe. my brothers wants to go back and look for our employees, but i say don't go yet. >> the death toll is rides rising and the confusion is growing. they are going to see their families, but also to help. friends and family in the bay area have given them money to take back with them. >> i grew up there. i don't know what to expect. i just want to help out. >> escaping is nearly impossible right now. those arriving on flight 104 from manila weren't hit by the typhoon. >> it is really hard to see what is happening in our country. >> but it has still left an impact. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> now if you would like to donate to the relief efforts you know people would like to help. go to and it is under see it on tv. >>> and a police chase that ended in a serious crash in richmond. the
. >> generally people prefer not to pay more for something if you don't have to. >> in the case of the golden gate bridge it appears they will. executives now have 5 options which could raise toll to as much as 8 dollars within 5 years. >> sundz like a lot. >> why do they need to raise i it. they said when they raised it to 6 dollars that was going to be it. >> good question. district manager knew it would be comin coming. >> things cost more today than they did 6 years ago. we spend about half of our toll to fund transit. bus operation. that takes one and a half lanes of traffic off the bridge during rush hour. takes thousands of cars off the street every day and helps with mobility. >>reporter: or in 6 words capitol reserve doyle drive transit and infrastructure. from repainting towers to fi fixing access to the ferry boa boat. and parking at larkspur landing is an issue too. >> would i actually be willing to pay a little bit for parkin parking. >> 5 dollars a day. 8 dollars a day. >>reporter: how far have we come? did you know that when the brim open entered 1937 a toll ticket c
for a situation many people couldn't imagine. >> i'm not a hero. i don't want to say, i don't wear a batman suit or superman. or these, you know, these characters i just reacted the way i did. >> the man who tried to catch a woman who jumped from the third deck after yesterday's raider game told abc7 news he'd do it again. >> i braced myself to catch her. i was hoping i could, when i caught her, i could lock arms around her to absorb impact with me. but unfortunately, she hit and she bounced off. >> the 61-year-old ended up with severe bruising but no serious injuries when the young woman he tried to catch landed knees first into his arms. sending both of them to the pavement. >> he said what ran to his mind is don't let people see this. try to save her and stop it. >> just 15 minutes after the raider game a vietnam war veteran they were walking outside they sought woman, 45 feet above. she crawled out on to a ledge. >> the training you receive in the marine corps is, it's you don't react. you just do it. >> raiders set a contingent that included willie brown to pay navidad a visit and bring him
a total of 31 members. harris says this is just changing personnel and not real reform. >> you don't change the protocol and if you don't have the people that make sure they do these people do their jobs. it's no different than it was before. the shake up is more for look than it is i think of any real substance. >> the sheriff's office tells us there will be more staff changes next week. abc 7 news has also learned that federal investigators have been at the hospital all week conducting their own probe. they are from the agency that controls the funding of medicare and medicaid to hospitals. they can fine even shut counsel hospital if they find problems that aren't later fixed. vick le, 7 news. >> wild pig continue to cause all kind of problems in san ramone. just today they were seen trotting through a gateed community and in another neighborhood on west side drive they keep destroying lawn look at the daniel. this week yard assault marked the tenth time the front lawn west side drive have been torn up. hired tra trapper has already captured 12 of these non-native pig in
action before something unfortunate happens. >> we have a very low crime rate. we just don't have any of the problems that this ordinance purports to address. >> mayor harris says handful of existing gun store in pleasant hill exempt from the restriction and won't feel much of an impact from the ordinance. we have more on tonight's meeting on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. >> well san francisco late today police tweet add picture of a person of interest in the disappearance of a visitor from brazil. hears the picture. and the number you can call if you recognize it. here's the number to call. police want to question this man about the person who called relevant i was in brazil and friend in los angeles to say he was in trouble and thought he was being followed. >> former stanford player in the middle of major controversy in the nfl. jonathan martin left the dolphins last week over what he thought to be a nasty prank. now his teammate richie incognito accused of sending racial slur to martin. more from david. >>reporter: brunt of the alleged harassment former stanfor
. they don't have any suspects in custody at the moment. >> pleasant hill leaders got earful about proposed new rule regarding gunshot in town. nick live in pleasant hill with the debate for us. >> city council approved proposal make it tougher for gunshot to operate in city limits. now it will move forward to the full council in two week where it will take a formal vote of 3 yes to make it law. city council member back off proposed legislation to toughen the city gun law only tells part of the story. gun shop owner are happy to fill in the rest. >> well basically they try to shut down the business. >>reporter: one of the rules being proposed would force store owner and employee of gun shop to pass a criminal background check and dealers need to install alarm system and surveillance camera. >> where do you comply with everything. nothing more to comply. >>reporter: state federal law are already in place. under the new stricter proposal new gun stores can't be located within 150 feet of a residence and 1,000 feet of a day care center or school. >> we haven't had a be pro-we don't want
would become of her newborn. investigators still don't know where the father crossed over the border into mexico or when and how he sliped past u.s. authorities when there was an amber alert and a $1 million warrant attached to his name. two week old henry romero is being cared for by mexican authorities until he can be returned to his mother, patricia romero in sunnyvale. with her 5-year-old daughter she spoke to reporters with the help of a friend tonight. >> i am really happy and really thankful that the police and people that helped me to find my baby. >> yesterday afternoon henry's father, he took the baby and told romero he was taking him out of state. he threatened to harm himself and the baby if she called police. >> she called them seven hours later and an amber alert was issued along with a $1 million warrant for his arrest. i was afraid i wouldn't be able to find them again. >> early this morning there were citings of his vehicle and cell phone pings in san diego where he has family. at some point he made it past the u.s. border patrol. he was stopped this afternoon at a c
. >> lauren levine cares about her privacy. >> i don't even want to be on tv talking about this, but it is something that is really important. people don't know that this is happening. >> reviewing lauren's facebook profile from a stranger's account her privacy settings make nothing visible to anyone but her friends until we click in the search box at the top of the page. >> and all kinds of menu options come up, photos of me and friends of mine and photos by me. >> the menu is part of graph search. it rolled out over the summer and a recent policy change says you can't opt out of it. >> photos i commented on and liked and photos my friends commented on, all kinds of things and i had no idea it was there. >> though everything lauren posts on facebook is private, sometimes she is tagged or comments on a friend's picture that is shared publicly. and now any stranger can look at those tags and comments from her profile. >> it is page after page after page it is really alarming. >> after lauren brought the story to our attention we rounded up the volunteers who said they would graph
the institution for more than 100 years >> i don't think. it's apaches everybody knows. it's vallejo. >> i don't believe it's offensism i think we're honoring apaches. >> to young people, i would say they're not aware of the broader ramifications. >> it's a battle raging across the nation n southern california anti-arab discrime nation committee took issue for this image of its referred arab mascot. in washington, d.c. the redskins football team has been under pressure to change. as have cleveland indians and atlanta braves what. used to be okay snot anymore. it >> used to be we had to ride in the back of the bus. was it right then? is it right now? no. >> but is it right in vallejo? >> these games, no. but there -- they are the same. >> tim says he would know racism if he saw it. >> i've never seen an indian mascot. >> have you seen a feather? >> never seen a feather. >> heard a drum? >> no drum beats. or dancing or anything. >> anybody ever say kill apaches? >> no. nothing. >> times are changing we're getting more civil. >> and contentious. in vallejo, wayne freedman abc7 news. wet weather
to prove it. laura has the story. >> well, i'm not a hero. i mean i don't want -- i don't wear a batman suit or superman or these you know these characters. i just reacted the way i did. >>reporter: stockton man who tried to catch a woman who jumped from the third deck of the coliseum after yesterday raider game told abc 7 news he would do it again. >> she started to descend i braced myself to catch her. i was hoping i can when i caught her lock my arms around her so she could absorb the impact with me. but unfortunately she hit and she bounced off. >>reporter: 61-year-old don ended up with severe bruising to his left arm but no serious injuries when the young woman he tried to catch landed knees first into his arms sending both of them to the pavement. what ran through his mind is don't let all the people see this. try to save her. try to stop it. >>reporter: it was just 15 minutes after the raider game at the coliseum. vietnam war veteran and raider season ticket holder he and pal were walking outside on concourse when they saw the woman grave feet above. she had crawled out
here, it's about worker that's shop at walmart and pay them and don't know they're not treating their workers fairly. >> we offer competitive wages, health benefits starting at $18 a paycheck, we know these are quality jobs and are proud of what our owe continue to do. >> demonstrators may have blocked some traffic but it hasn't stopped shoppers from buying on black friday here, walmart says crowds have been very steady here all day. there were protests across the nation but this is the only one in the bay area that we know of. i'm allen wong, abc # news oochl thank you. and breaking news out of southern california on this black friday. a man with a gun has barricaded himself inside of a verizon wireless store in los angeles county. it's happening the community of la crescenta north of glendale. no one else believed to be inside but l.a. county sheriff has evacuated all nearby businesses in the strip mall. all of this started around 4:00 this afternoon. >> break news involving a twist in the bait battle between bart and unions. we broke on twitter we've learned unio
for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. >>> low turn outis the best way to characterize elections around the bay area. one issue is measure c, one of the toughest gun laws in the country if it passes banning ammunition that holds more than ten rounds, requiring gun owners to keep guns lockd and report theft within 48 hours. >> i voted yes on measure c. i believe we should make people have stronger enforcement on making sure kun guns are safe.. >> i voted against it. i don't think that is the way to control gun violence. >> in san francisco, big battles over a passel on washington street measures b and c lifting height restriction as louing 134 condominiums to be built where a parking lot are now. >>> and three cities have measures on the ballot to move their elections to even numbed years. >> there are hot issues on the ballot
but don't know what the possibility is going to be. just a host of unknown. >>reporter: twitter played a conservative aming weak spot projecting confidence about the future. >> very cautious. took a very meticulous approach to approaching this big i p o day and they have been talking very candidly about their growth. they have been talking about their slower growth. talking about how many reallyen gamed users they have. >> whether you watch from said lines or put the cash on the line twitter is having in just 8 let ears good day. >> we are watching a star be born. always exciting. >> twitter now has 2 billion dollars to expand the company. t money into the stock today they have to wait for the company to turn a profit. at turn -- twitter headquarters this is 7 news. >> well not everyone is cheering twitter success. several protest took place today in front of the company headquarters and organized by affordable housing advocate who believe twitter is making san francisco too expensive for working class residents to live in and criticize the city decision to give twitter sizable tax
by people who don't need them. the numbers tell the story. according to the committee there are 500,000 placard in the bay area. but only 29,000 regular meaters an 7 husz blue spaces in san francisco. the recommendations approved by the mta board tonight include increasing local enforcement. increasing the number of blue spaces by 4 70. and start to go work on getting state legislation for improved certification and management of placard at the dmv which could cut down on flood >> right now they have no way to track whether a clinic certifies 50 a week. 500 a week. 1 a month. they are operating system is still doss that's how antiquated the system is. >>reporter: if the committee gets the changes it wants from the state then it will come become at the time beard of supervisor force the local law. >> if the state passes authorizing legislation it would still have to come become to any city that wanted to consider their own local decision-making pro circumstances including allowing time limits and the paying meter to request with with them at disabled spaces. this is abc 7 new
'm very annoyed. i'm angry. i don't feel i should have been arrested. >>reporter: prosecution presented evidence that meso killed 6 women in marin, contra costa county and nevada county and jury convicted him. yet meso maintenance his innocence. >> because they haven't proven their case against me. >> they proved their case you are convicted. >> no. >> jury of your peers concluded that you are guilty. >> the jury found me guilty. >> they proved it. >> but not from these charges. >>reporter: he wanted me to see the nice picture he took during the career as photographer. but in safe deposit box investigators found photographs of several of his victims who appeared to be dead. and in his reno home they found meso own writings that tied him to the crimes including a list of 10. when investigators believe is a dump list of where he put the body. what was the reason for the list. what did the list mean. >> that's good question i was expecting that. that i have to reserve for my appeal. >>reporter: oh, come on joe. you are kidding me right. i wanted to know about the 4 entry on the li
of christmas swaert reads don we now our fun apparel instead of gay apparel. they are accused of making a political statement and being homophobe ick. hall mark don't plan on stopping sell the ornament. >> a scandal that rock bay area politic. >> dan here with a story only on abc 7. >> sex tape. drug addiction. exclusive interview with local politician who tells story of very public melt down. >> it's halloween. vampire always popular where do they come from trip to where it all began. preview of ab about c 7 news klij tall exclusive. >> ideal weather for ghouls and gone lip tonight. for this halloween i let you know what it looks like as we head it looks like as we head towards the are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. is is.
not have anything to spend it on today, but tomorrow, they will have new acquisitions, if they don't have the money, they can't do it. >> reporter: it moved into san francisco's mid-market area, while a crew cleaned the windows today, they were cleaning up market street. the owner of sam's diner says there is more foot traffic, which is boosting her business. >> with twitter and other businesses coming into the area, it definitely generated more foot traffic in the area. so we have to hire more people. >> reporter: the ipo is expected to bring millionaires among the employees. the city has located in mid-market, mayor lee didn't know who they were, but he intends to talk to them to support housing and educational needs. >> people who will benefit from the ipo sale will probably look for investments. and i want to make sure, i got my arms out. >> reporter: twitter is offering 70 million shares, priced at $26 a share. now this has been a good year for social media, facebook up, and some are concerned about how much faster twitter can grow and how soon it will turn a profit. in the news room
and smiling all the time and such amazing intention and i don't know that i would and i just found her attitude to be so incredibly inspiring. >>reporter: she danced tl by the office. >> very pro active you can dance. you can participate with flash mob that i'm organizing. >>reporter: nice feel. now she gets a nice feeling as video and well wishes pour in from around the country. recuperating at home and doing great. john, abc 7 news. >> well storm public stopped twitter initial public offering started at 26 dollars that was the initial press but because of early traiingd it opened today in 45 and went as high as 50 dollars and closing at this number here. it's considered a very successful i p o. >> more controversy tonight over yoga pants made by loo-loo lemon this time not the pants themselves with people is worked up. as l amma explains it's what the chairman of the company had to say about them. >> they cause uproar several months ago vlts customers were complaining that the yoga pants were see through. now apparently a problem with big. addressing the ongoing problems with
and they don't know what drugs were used. soar no one has been arrested. alan wang, abc news. >>> expect delays if you take the tunnel. cal trans will make final preparations for the opening of the tunnel. they could s delays of up to 30 minutes. the delays could start as early as friday night at 30. crews will be restriping ahead of the opening that could happen this weekend or perhaps early monday morning. fremont police are looking for a brazen thief o poses as a delivery man to steel packages. it shows a man carrying an empty box on monday and he drops it off and picks up two other boxes on the front poh. he hoped into the blue sedan and took off. the boxes he stole had computer parts i them. >>> a lot of murders go unsolved. our media partners reviewed data for4 cities and found these results. san pablo had the highest clearance rate at 92%. san jose 66%. san francisco, 44. oakland investigats solve 35% of cases and richmond ranks last among the cities with 30%. the national average for solved homicide cases is 62%. >> new at 11:00, john mfee says he will testify in the murder case of his
is going on? he said son, you don't know? your father has expired. those are the words he said. i never heard someone say that. >> november 27, 1978. dan white, a former firefighter elected to the board of supervisors shot and killed the two men. he had resigned from the board this month, but now, wanted his seat back. white was angry mosconi refused to reappoint him. instead of going through metal detectors white slipped in through a door in the basement, willie brown was then a state assemblyman meeting with mosconi in the mayor's office, he left 45 seconds before white entered >> we're having coffee and george said, you know, how doi juell this guy it's over? etc.? i got to do it. and i walked out, white walked in. >> reporter: brown would learn he was also on the death list. white encountered harvey milk. gay riefts activist cleve jones just met with harvey milk that morning. >> harvey sent me home to get a file from hi apartment. i came back and saw his body. >> a tearful board of supervisors president, dianne feinstein broke the news. tens of thousands attended a march and rally
that toy guns don't look too much like the real thing. >>> also, a serial killer's bizarre courtroom behavior and reaction to his death sentence today. >>> and new evidence obtained by the abc 7 news anuncer: anuncer: you're on the right track to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose to save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. or choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular tempur-pedic mattresses. you can even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>> back to the breaking news we're following closely for you in los angeles. a loud sound that scared passengers into thinking that someone had fired a gun. what it really was was an suv that crashed into a parking garage right now traffic at the airport is moving at a crawl. all of this on what was supposed to be the busiest travel day, or one of them anyway, busiest travel day of the year. s
wounded. lil i don't know live now from lax by cell. >> this is terminal 3 where it all happened. it is closed and will remain closed until further notice. hundreds of officers have been here all day collecting evidence. pesting together what happened. video shows the chaos after gunman shot his way past security at material national 3 had at l.a. xvl. he's 23-year-old pall dance and tsa officer shot and killed by the suspect described as long gun. also 3 other people were injured and confirm there is only one shooter who is now in custody. >> it was loud bang. i mean boom. it was a loud one. from there we all just duck down. next thing i know nothing but girls around me when i grab all the big luggage and then i stack them high. >>reporter: first report the shooting came after 9:30 this morning. almost medley fears responders set triage location and man wearing a blue tsa uniform could be seen coming out holding up the arm sustained with blood another man wheeled to ambulance by police. news of the shooting came to some passengers from air lane official. fichlt huge
by b so come pap i don't know measure. both increase height limit for anything built on this site. here again, no 61 percent. yes on c 39 percent. but again very early in the vote tally tonight. more as the hour progresses. poll close 1 hour ago so we are expecting more returns to begin coming in. certainly voters making their choices heard in other states around the country as well. virginia in new jersey. races playing out like a play with larger than life personality and outcome that could send shock wave reaching to the white house. here's karen. >> in new jersey christy reelection. last year president obama won rely bring democratic garden state by 17 points. this year he cleaned up in key demographic. among women and independent. sets up christy quit nicely for 2016 presidential run. but good luck getting him to talk about it. >> whatever the future brings l. >> what a great tonight everybody. >> in virginia long time confidant the about a win over republican rival l who was back by the tea paevrment. >> republican party has 2 different version of the future rig
in general. >> right now, placard holders can park for free the misuse by those who don't need them is rampant. there are 23 regular parking spaces on this block. this afternoon, 19 were filled with cars with handicapped placards. a woman in an adjacent building saysç she stnt think it's patients because those cars are there, all day. >> i want to be chairitable. but the fact is that there is not enough parking. there is not enough turnover for everybody. there is no enforcement.lp >> reporter: a special committee will be asking the city and state to add more blue zones, a 70% increase,Ñi increa dmv oversight after provals, put reasonable time limits for the parking. the committee member says it includes asking dmv to link photos to the holder. >> that way, they can scan the and know something is wrong, right away. >> the board will vote november 19th, and supervisors, the 5th. they can encounter pressure from able-body whoed think there must be a better solution. >> if you can't find parking whether you're able bodied or not. >> abc7 news learned there is a big shake up in the
car asks a motorcycle. >> our south beach camera captured this picture, oh, sorry we don't have that for you. we can expect back up to last sometime. going to be slow going, get it out of san francisco for those heading to the bay bridge on this holiday. good evening. >> take a look at this. in the center of the screen is the new fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel. with just a week to go, it was put to the test today every commuter will be delighted to know it passed the test and all systems go to open to traffic next week. that much-anticipated fourth bore will eliminate congestion. abc7 news is live with the finishing touches for a grand opening. laura? >> well, hi there. all eyes on construction of the new bay bridge, work here was quietly humming along. this week as these tests unfold throughout the week, passing motorists may see emergency vehicles outside of the new tunnel, but not to worry. it's just a prelude to an opening. >> we're going to plug into this system now. >> caltrans and several fire agencies are running through scenarios in the new fourth floor of the cal
're a tourist or commuter almost taking it for granted until paying the toll. >> people don't prefer to pay more if they don't have to. >> in the case of the golden gate bridge, it appears they will. there are option that's could raise it to $eight. >> they told us at $six that that was going to be it. >> good yes kwe. >> things cost more than they did six years ago. we fund transit. and it helps with mobility. >> or in, six words, capitol reserves doyle drive transit and infrom a structures from repainting towers to parking at land spurs landing is an issue. >> i would be willing to pay for parking. >> $five a day. >> did you know when golden gate bridge opened a toll ticket costs $0.50? if you adjust for inflation, it's 8ed today. one amount they're consider being. you're talking about a fare higher than the bay bridge? >> yes. >> do you feel guilty about that? >> no. >> because there is a need for it. to help us fund the transit system. which in turn, keeps about 25% of the traffic that would have to cross the bridge off the bridge in the mornings. >> reporter: next step, presenting options
classes we don't know. and to be honest things are getting more expensive. i won't be surprised if this is a very temporary thing. >> she wants to make it easy for community college students to transfer into uc system. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >>> there are new health and safety concerns for residents of treasure island. our media partner discovered documents detailing an alarming discovery in the lawns of one neighborhood. abc7 news is live on treasure island now with the story. sergio? >> reporter: according to health and safety documents one worker found metal so radio active it could burn skin and cause ulcerations.. crews are working on stripping out toxic materials from the buildings. but in a story by our media partner, state regulators found radioactive materials outside of the fences one resident didn't want to use her name says she's worried for her daughter. >> she's walking around, picking up things thinking this is a rock you know? what if she picks up the wrong thing? >> california department of public health workers found radio active shards in the launz of s
to the relief effort for victims of typhoon why lapped a and avoid giving to unsolicited telemarketers. you don't really know how much of your money the telemarketer will keep for themselves. people will prey on our good nature. be very careful. >> coverage of typhoon continues on our web site and on our facebook page. also follow us on twitter at this web site. keep you updated on that. move to other news tonight. the new fourth bore caldecott tunnel set to open in next week or so. first it has to pass a series of safety test. once open the fourth bore leaf 88th a lot of daily congestion through the oakland hills on highway 24. commuters desperate for years. 7 news reporter laura anthony has the story. >> we have a knock on the car fire. we plug into the standby system writ now this week cal-trans several east bay fire agency running through a series of scenario in the new tunnel. range from animal loose inside the tunnel to major fire or explosion. in this mock scenario there's a smokey fire in the tunnel. unlike the old bore water is available for firefighters. people can escape
. >> governor brown said please, don't ask me for more money. yes. >> what happened to prop 30? >> we will going to look for ways to reduce our own costs. we're going to look for ways to stream line transferring community college students into uc system we had a lot on our plate. >> this is a test of how politically savvy she can be. her goal is maintaining its reputation as one of the research institutions. >> it's not a time out. it's an opportunity to explore cost structure to see what needs to be done for long term sustainability. >> and there are student protests. record-breaking number of disser sayings tagss. >> as someone with rich experience running very high-level, complex institutions. >>> a former governor once referred to napolitano as a workaholic. >> what do you do for fun? >> i read for fun. fiction, nonfiction i go to music. i go to movies. >> reporter: what are you reading down? >> "the gold finch". >> napolitano won't say how many hours she puts in but let's just say sures not a kt k59 5:00 job. she lives in a condo in oakland not far from the office. tuition at university of
very good. >>reporter: many bart riders don't care any more who gets what in the contract. just that it's done. they can't take any more uncertainty. >> bart management and the union need to get their stuff together because the public has already been through this with what 2 bart strikes now and i don't think that it's fair for to us good through that again. >>reporter: some do have an opinion about what is finally agreed to. >> dear bart. please let the the employees have their family leave. they need it. >> i think you should just man up and approve what you already agreed to. >>reporter: and all are incredulous that important public agency could bunk el the contract details after such a hard fought negotiations. >> what i really want to say is probably inappropriate. hard for me to believe they actually missed it. i think they probably did read the papers and maybe it's not entirely the truth. >>reporter: bart has made donna happy. >> i am not a bart rider and i am happy i am not because when i see the dissatisfaction that so many of my friends and co-workers feel ab
hoping because i don't want another cold shower. they are not at the top of the priority list. roadways at fifth and jackson had to be cleared before the evening rush hour. >> folks are using an on-line application where you can just use your smart phone and allow us to know where there are downed trees. >> everywhere debris is pushed off to the side of the road. it is even taking up parking spaces for ledger's liquor store in berkeley. >> they said they had like 130 calls or something and they are just trying to move along and pick it up as they can. >> a 50-foot cypress tree is leaning against this home in berkeley tonight. >> if we were a one-story house it definitely would have come through our house. >> tree crews are working quickly, but safely. in the east bay, alan wang, abc7 news. >>> now, the wind took down a scoreboard at concord high school. students are worried about next year's football season. school administrators say they do not know where they will find the money to fix this thing. >> more than 5,000 homes and businesses are still without electricity following last ni
and saw we were high up. but when you are trying to escape with your life, you don't think about that. >> reporter: young jumped out of the exit door and he later took a picture. though flames were going toward the middle of the plane as you could see in this video young stayed right there helping others down until finally his wife emerged unable to walk. he carried her to safety. this is a picture he took after she was triaged for a gash in her head. in the videos shot from the tarmac you can see rescuers giving her aid. the chopper flew her to the hospital and many others who were injured. >> at first i thought i twisted my ankle. >> one painful week later after transferring to stanford it revealed that her ankle was fractured and surgeons i'm planted -- implanted screws. then the pain in her head was excruciating. it showed brain swelling. they removed part of her skull to relief the pressure. >> i couldn't bear to see her like that. >> for two and a half months she had to wear a helmet until doctors deemed it safe to put her skull back. they hope there is no permanent brain damage
and the potatoes and the corn, beans. >> and heating up the main course, 300 turkeys, 82 hams and don't forget the 35 gallons of gravy. all of this food wil do more than serve the people who come to the pavilion on thanksgiving. volunteers will be packing up meals and delivering them to those who are home bound. close to 1500 meals delivered. in all the league of volunteers expects to serve more than 4500 meals this thanksgiving. ama dates, abc7 news. >> we want to share a story with you that will probably be on your mind as you sit down for thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. an east bay man who lost his wife suddenly now facing raising four adopted children from ethiopia on his own. alan wang attended an emotional event for a represented coach and teacher in a time of crisis. >> it is hard on all of us. >> are you sad daddy? >> i am sad. i am sad to lose mommy. >> they spent everything they had to bring these four orphaned kids from ethiopia. shortly after brenda was diagnosed with terminal cancer. she died earlier this month, but not after they discussed life after she was gone. >> you can hear t
. >> identify with a gender, i don't have a gender. >> reporter: despite what happened on the bus that day, he will return to riding buses with friends and will continue to wear skirts. >> i'm going to keep wearing a skirt. that's something that i'm not going to give up. it's a big part of who i am. >> reporter: laura anthony, abc 7 news. >>> a thanksgiving crime spree in san jose left four people wounded and a suspect shot dead by police. it started with a stabbing and a carjacking. it ended with an officer involved shooting on may jr. berry road. the driver went the wrong way on the freeway. david louie joins us live from one of the crime scenes. >> reporter: kirk glen drive has been a crime scene for eight hours ever since a san jos police officer shot and killed a suspect who rammed his patrol car after stabbing four people. it's unclear why the suspect stabbed four people. there are bloodstains near the front door and used medical supplies on the front lawn. police said they believed the victims and their attacker knew each other. the suspect got away by carjacking a minivan on north jack
off the bill and now they don't have to pay for it. they did pay for it and that was that. >> is there someplace i can go? >> great questions. you need to go through your bills line byline. when there is something you don't recognize, contact the credit card or phone company and ask that the charges be removed. if it is your phone company, consumer advocate joe rideout says good luck of the. >> you don't have the same protections you do as on your credit card bill. it is not the same on your cell phone bill. >> .ederal law gives you 60-days to catch them on your credit card. with the phone bill the company makes the rules. an easy way to catch the charges is to crowd source with other consumers through that free app bill guard. >> when someone else is able to spot on their credit card or debit card, a charge that doesn't look right, they are able to flag it in the system and then others who have the same charge will have that particular charming prioritized prioritized -- charge prioritized for your review. >> here is an insider trick for your phone bill. call your mobile
thankful. >> neat to see how many people got together for a stranger they don't know and show support for him. heart warmin warming. >> tonight you can already see how san francisco becoming about government ham city. >> it's a big party at the end of a long red. >> party that is well deserved. final touches put together for tomorrow big wish day. hoping miles gets a good night sleep this just in. front page of tomorrow the chronicle this is special edition news handed out tomorrow at bat kid crime city width and as this production is being made for little miles, his parents still thinking about other family going through the same thing saying they hope they get the same kind of conclusion with their about as miles is. >> scale of the production is unbelievable. >> it's remarkable. city is expecting thousands of people to participate tomorrow. 7000 tried to make reservation at the burger miles where miles has lunch and more than that at city hall. >> city got swept up in this what got me, you talk about a city with the heart in the right place. i don't think he has any idea what
good. >> many riders don't care anymore who gets what in this contract. just that it's done. they can't take anymore uncertainty. >> bart management and unions need to get their stuff together because public has been through this with what? who bart strikes now? i don't think it's fair to go through that, again. >> some do an opinion about what is agreed to. >> dear bart let employees have family leave they need it. >> i think you should just you know, man up and approve what you'd agreed to. >> and all are incredulous they can bungle negotiations. >> what i want to say is inappropriate. >> it's hard to believe they missed it they probably did read the papers and maybe it's not entirely the truth. >> bart made dona happy. >> i'm in the a bart rider, i'm happy i'm not because when i see the dissatisfaction by friends have about it. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> we'd love to hear what have you to say. send your video to our facebook page or you can post it on twitter. >>> huge decision in the tech world a jury decided that samsung should pay $290 million to apple for copying features
're not saying don't do that, but if people have that preference. that is why they're approaching us, they want to know 100% of their donations will go to communities on the ground in the philippines. >> reporter: volunteers say $100,000 has already been erased. the supporters and donors gathered this morning to pray for the welfare of the survivors. in the south bay, the office is engaged in a grass roots funding campaign to provide dehydrated food and bottles. to build the schools in haiti after the earthquake and they may do the same in the philippines. >> we don't know yet, but we'll see how desperate, and in need they are for supplies and support. but probably, we'll build some schools, maybe, we don't know yet. >> reporter: this is a global humanitarian group with 50 volunteers ready to help. if you're interested in helping to these agencies, go to abc7, click on see it on tv. nbc, david louis, abc 7 news. >>> and as you well know the situation in the philippines seems to grow more desperate every day now. the official death toll stands at 2700, but sadly is expected to rise. the u.s. has
it a secret. >> this is too much. i don't know what to say. with robin safely in dad arm big brother bat kid was off with batman to rescue a damsel in distress from cable car license but wouldn't be easy. contained crusader than counter suspicious did he raise that naetded disarming. not a moment to spare because the ri ridler was up to no good. bat kid arrived just in time to foil the ridler attempted bank robbery. busy mrping for bat kid with more to come. so pit stop in order. super hero have to eat. >> i have to belief that you worked up quite an appetite. head open down to the burger bar and tell them lunch is on the chief of police. >>reporter: break wouldn't last long. flash mob signal to bat kid that giant mascot lucille had been kidnapped by the evil penguin. bat kid rushed to at&t park rescued lucille. if it was a typical day for super hero like bat kid. that ended with rally in front of gotham city hall. mayor lee presented bat kid, miles, with a key to the city. to think miles just thought he was getting a batman costume and so excited about that. make a wish greater b
years. students and former students are angry and disappointed. >> i don't think they should change the name. apache everybody know them. valet had we are known as the apache. >> i don't believe it's offensive at all. i think we are honoring apache. >>reporter: to young people would i say they are not aware of the broader ramifications. >>reporter: battle raging in different flavors across the nation. in southern california the american anti-arab discrimination committee took issue with this school for the image of the reveered arab mascot. in washington, d.c. the redskins football team under pressure to change. as cleveland indian ks kansas city chiefs and atlanta braves. what used to be okay is not any more critic say. >> it used to be we had to ride in the back of the bus. was it right then? is it right now? no. >>reporter: but is it right in vallejo? have you seen any of the school skits. >> the school games, no. but they are pretty much the same. >>reporter: tim banks has he covers football for the vallejo regional television channel. he says we know racism if he sa
next tuesday, sunny skies and mild. temperatures climbing back to up 70 degrees by tuesday. so we don't see another rainfall event coming our way in next seven days let's hope for some. we need it. >> we do. thank you. >> coming up next a new adventure of bat kid. >> police chief adds up the cost of the detail. >>> u.s. government and city of san jose are making it easier to file patents. the commerce department has been looking for a location in silicon valley which generates more patent applications than anywhere in the country. >> this brings an industry of engineers and we're thrilled to see it happen. >> the office is expected to open by the end of 2014. about a dozen judges will be employed there. >> bat kid day did not cost san francisco a cent in police overtime. the chief tells abc7 news the officers were already scheduled for duty. the make a wish foundation organized a day to grant the wish of little miles. >> not one penny of overtime spent by the san francisco police department on the event on friday. it would not be fair to all of the other tremendously worth while chari
still don't really know what happened. but this author tells me he has answered one very important question. about situation. this author new book last second in dallas comes to a startling conclusion about lee harvey oswald. >> i emphatically deny these charges. >>reporter: he was arrested for shooting the president from the sixth floor of the texas school buck depository in dallas. >> whatever lee harvey oswald did or did not do on that day 50 years ago he did not kill john kennedy. >> before you dismiss thompson as another conspiracy theory. consider his background. the precursor to the navy seals. grad ateed from yale. taught college. long career as private investigators. most famous case oklahoma city bomber mcveigh. but most important to this story like magazine hired him in 1966 to examine injfk the evidence for cover story. >> no more than 15 foot from the about park and in line of fire. >>reporter: thompson himself interviewed many of the key witnesses. in 1967 he wrote what is considered to be one of the seminole book on the assassination. 6 seconds in dallas.
for a day. >> wow, this is too much. i don't know what to say. >> big brother was off with batman to rescue a damsel in distress. the caped crusader encountered a sus spishus device that needed disarming. not a moment to spare because riddler up to no good. bat kid arrived just in time. a pit stop was in order. even super heros have to eat. >> very to believe you worked up quite an appetite. head on down to burger bar. tell them lunch is on the chief of police. >> reporter: the break won't last lovenlg a flash mob signalled lucille, the mascot had been kidnapped by the evil penguin. bat kid rescued lucille. it was a typical day for bat kid that ended with a rally the mayor presented bat kid, aka, miles with a key to the city. and to think he just thought he was getting a costume. it was an incredible day and really emotional to see how much support. >> it must have been exciting to be part of this. >> reporter: this is all about miles and people in san francisco made it happen this, is going to be something he'll every never forget. that is really cool. >> great job. how much fun. good wo
and scratches on his arms and hands. police are looking for evidence. they don't know if he was assaulted or fell from the gym roof 30 feet up. they hope video from surveillance cameras will show up. >> he and his friends were engaged jumping from roof to roof and against walls a month ago. one of the men fell and broke his leg. >> reporter: a video was posted showing acrobatics that can include jumping from rooftops. it started in france and was repopularized from this scene. >> i see videos on facebook never that high of a roof. >>> what attracts you to this sport? >> adrenaline. >> it's scary for me. school is supposed to be a safe environment for children. this thing happen and really terrifying. >> police hope to interview the injured teen when doctors bring him out of the medically induced coma this week. no witnesses have come forward. >> abc 7 news. >>> a nevada man is facing murder charges accused of killing his you care take area from the bay area. melvin is accused of shooting and killing katherine stanza. she was from concord and living with him at the time. a spokesperson wit
. there may be revenues, but we don't know what the profitability will be. there's a host of unknowns. resign affidavit lites say twitter played it conservative, acknowledging weak spots while projecting confidence about its future. >> they were very cautious. they took a very meticulous approach to approaching this big ipo day. they've been talking candidly about their growth. they've been talking about their slower growth. they've been talking about how many really engaged user they have. >> reporter: whether you watch from the sidelines or put your cash on the line, twitter is having in just eight letters a good day. >> we're watching the star be born. that's always exciting. >> reporter: twitter now has $2 billion to expand the company. and investors who sunk their money into the stock today, they'll have to wait for the company to turn a profit. at twitter headquarters in san francisco, david louis, abc 7 news. >> the twitter update has turned the company's founders into billionaires. at the closing price, the 10% stake in twitter held by co-founder evan williams is now worth $2.5 billio
to this. they're sort of getting off scot-free. i don't think it's right. >> reporter: this after a massive investigation two years, hundreds of interviews. prosecutors apparently left the statute of limitations run out on a serious charge of securities fraud. >> there are blatant actions that would co-have been brought to light and never where. unfortunately at this point, it's too late. >> reporter: investors filed a class action lawsuit against wells fargo for its part. walter ng going through a bankruptcy. the process continues until the end of the year. >> are there words for investors? >> we'll talk after sentencing. >> reporter: many lost their homes and more. >> we invested money in a wrongful death suit against when our son died and we used that money to fund a program at childrens hospital. that money vanished. >> after the bernie madoff scandal there is a new irs rule that let's investors write off losses but the investors may not kwaul fichlt one irs told me there will be angry investors. >> yes. understandably. >> yes. >> it's a shame. >> it s >>> in oakland police
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